365 Days Of Illustration

Hi! I'm Sevdenur.

I've created this project to improve my skills and I will post an illustration every day.

Anyway, for any question or request please contact me!



Day 203- Rules

Day 202-perfect position to stay focused?

Thank you for everything #grandpa

Day 200-Birth

Day 199-Lady lady lady #dance

Day 198-Someone New

Day 197- Liar

Day 196-The only good part of summer

Day 194-Puzzle

Day 193-Tangled thoughts

Day 192-weekend mood

Day 191-a murderous desire for panic

Day 190-#stayhome

Day 189-Homeless

Day 188-Depression

Day 187-Flowers #abstract

Day 186-Trust

Day 185-Sunrise

Day 184-Supposed to be clean

Day 183-When life gives you lemons first eat them then make lemonade

Day 182-Brother

Day 181-Driving

Day 180-Stalking #socialmedia

Day 179-Feeling empty inside

Day 178-Waiting for that email

Day 177-Muses

Day 176-Can't Dance

Day 175-Going

Day 174-The struggle of being a summer person in winter

Day 173-Waiting for the job interview

Day 172-Run Girl Run

Day 171-Veterinarian

Day 170-Self Portrait #mykindofselfie

Day 169-Death

Day 168-Equal

Day 167-Lose Yourself to Dance

Day 166-Mother

Day 165-Together

Day 164-Madam

Day 163-We are temporarily here

Day 162-Untitled

Day 161-Obsession #madmen

Day 160-Harp

Day 159-left-brained

Day 158-These Boots Are Made for Walkin' #nancysinatra

Day 157-People who don't fit into society

Day 156-Too Hot

Day 155-Play with the blood #passion #mozartinthejungle

Day 154-Photographer

Day 153-Summer

Day 152-Untitled

Day 151-Raising Children #parenting

Day 150- On the verge of a nervous breakdown

Day 149-Frog

Day 148-Waiting

Day 147-Shopping

Day 146-After a Long Work Day

Day 145-Sunday Mood

Day 144-Escape from Summer

Day 143-Cleopatra

Day 142-Boogie Nights

Day 141-Istanbul

Day 140-Parrot

Day 139-Self Discovery

Day 138-Pride in a Relationship

Day 137-Friends #akgunes #sankapan

Day 136-Long Distance Relationship #thecreationofadambymichelangelo

Day 135-Self-Confidence

Day 134-Youth

Day 133-Ballet

Day 132-Tango

Day 131-Girls Just Want to Have Fun #eve

Day 130-Spring is Coming

Day 129-The End of the World #beginners

Day 128-Stand Up Straight #goodposture

Day 127-Rome

Day 126-Football Fan

Day 125-The Moral Police

Day 124-Nightmare

Day 123-Stay Together for the Kids #divorce

Day 122-Freedom? #FedericoFellini #8½

Day 121-Hedonistic Society

Day 120-The Weirdos

Day 119-Gardener

Day 118-Liar

Day 117-Freedom From Depression

Day 116-What a Couple! #weirdo

Day 115-Artist

Day 114-Don't Drink Coffee, I Take Tea My Dear

Day 113-Moving Into a New House #feelings

Day 112-Parenting #balance

Day 111-Author

Day 110-Make Your Own Music

Day 109-Oh Hey Australian Open, Welcome Back

Day 108-Overthinking

Day 107-Cinephile

Day 106-Traveler

Day 105-a Good First Date?

Day 104-Designer #abstract

Day 103-The One with All the Wedding Dresses #friends

Day 102-The Fall #movie

Day 101-Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov #CrimeandPunishment

Day 100-Cinema Paradiso

Day 99-Mental Power

Day 98-Art Museum #abstract

Day 97-Looking for Inspiration

Day 96-Modern Waiting Room

Day 95-Tourist

Day 94-Help!

Day 93-Break Up

Day 92-Reading Time

Day 91-Winter

Day 90-Summer

Day 89-Elephant

Day 88-Bird

Day 87-Japan

Day 86-Hug & Love

Day 85-London

Day 84-Deer

Day 83-Lovers

Day 82-Italy

Day 81-Anıtkabir/ the mausoleum of Ataturk #10kasım

Day 80-Istanbul/Turkey

Day 79-People On The Subway

Day 78-Cat

Day 77-Pool Time For Carrot

Day 76-Egg

Day 75-Turn Upside Down

Day 74-Happiness

Day 73-Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx-Egypt

Day 72-Christ Statue-Rio De Janeiro

Day 71-La Sagrada Familia-Barcelona

Day 70-Circle and Square: A Love Story

Day 69-Galata Tower-Istanbul

Day 68-Leaning Tower of Pisa-Italy

Day 67-Reading Time

Day 66-Windmill

Day 65-Nature

Day 64-A Lovely Night

Day 63-When Expectations Meet Reality! #piranha #cat

Day 62-Deliverance From Sins

Day 61-Don't Smoke

Day 60-Basket

Day 59-A Smelly Cat and Phoebe Buffay

Day 58-An Unexpected Error

Day 57-Landscape

Day 56-Workout for a fish

Day 55-The view of a kiss! #KissingScene

Day 54-Tree

Day 53-Gandalf and Frodo

Day 52-There Will Be Blood

Day 51-Before Sunrise

Day 50-Spirited Away

Day 49-Beetlejuice

Day 48-Phantom Thread #toxic #masterpiece

Day 47-Think Different

Day 46-Apartment

Day 45-Landscape

Day 44-The One With a Turkey #friends

Day 43-New House

Day 42-Monochromatic House

Day 41-Landscape

Day 40-Fly Me To The Moon #witch

Day 39-Cheers!

Day 38-Landscape

Day 37-Survivor

Day 36-Artist

Day 35-Bird

Day 34-Loneliness

Day 33-Silence

Day 32-Trees

Day 31-Sunglasses For Winter

Day 30-Supermarket

Day 29-Counting Stars

Day 28-Landscape

Day 27-Possibilities

Day 26-Possibility

Day 25-Camel

Day 24- Dark Castle

Day 23-Roger Federer won his 20th Grand Slam title. #thegreatest

Day 22-Forest

Day 21-Nature

Day 20-Margot And Richie Tenenbaum

Day 19-Good Morning

Day 18-Wine

Day 17-Cafe

Day 16-Landscape

Day 15-Brave New World

Day 14-Snow Globe

Day 13-Balcony

Day 12-One Face Different People

Day 11-Workaholic

Day 10-Deer And Sea

Day 9-La La Land

Day 8-Run For Your Life

Day 7-Silence Of Desert

Day 6-The Benefits Of Rain

Day 5-Roger Federer

Day 4-Landscape

Day 3-New Version Of Nature

Day 2-Rick Sanchez

Day 1-Maiden's Tower