365 Days Of Illustration

Hi! I'm Sevdenur.

I've created this project to improve my skills.I will post an illustration every day.

Anyway, for any question or request please contact me!



Day 189-Homeless

Day 188-Depression

Day 187-Flowers #abstract

Day 186-Trust

Day 185-Sunrise

Day 184-Supposed to be clean

Day 183-When life gives you lemons first eat them then make lemonade

Day 182-Brother

Day 181-Driving

Day 180-Stalking #socialmedia

Day 179-Feeling empty inside

Day 178-Waiting for that email

Day 177-Muses

Day 176-Can't Dance

Day 175-Going

Day 174-The struggle of being a summer person in winter

Day 173-Waiting for the job interview

Day 172-Run Girl Run

Day 171-Veterinarian

Day 170-Self Portrait #mykindofselfie

Day 169-Death

Day 168-Equal

Day 167-Lose Yourself to Dance

Day 166-Mother

Day 165-Together

Day 164-Madam

Day 163-We are temporarily here

Day 162-Untitled

Day 161-Obsession #madmen

Day 160-Harp

Day 159-left-brained

Day 158-These Boots Are Made for Walkin' #nancysinatra

Day 157-People who don't fit into society

Day 156-Too Hot

Day 155-Play with the blood #passion #mozartinthejungle

Day 154-Photographer

Day 153-Summer

Day 152-Untitled

Day 151-Raising Children #parenting

Day 150- On the verge of a nervous breakdown

Day 149-Frog

Day 148-Waiting

Day 147-Shopping

Day 146-After a Long Work Day

Day 145-Sunday Mood

Day 144-Escape from Summer

Day 143-Cleopatra

Day 142-Boogie Nights

Day 141-Istanbul

Day 140-Parrot

Day 139-Self Discovery

Day 138-Pride in a Relationship

Day 137-Friends #akgunes #sankapan

Day 136-Long Distance Relationship #thecreationofadambymichelangelo

Day 135-Self-Confidence

Day 134-Youth

Day 133-Ballet

Day 132-Tango

Day 131-Girls Just Want to Have Fun #eve

Day 130-Spring is Coming

Day 129-The End of the World

Day 128-Stand Up Straight #goodposture

Day 127-Rome

Day 126-Football Fan

Day 125-The Moral Police

Day 124-Nightmare

Day 123-Stay Together for the Kids #divorce

Day 122-Freedom? #FedericoFellini #8½

Day 121-Hedonistic Society

Day 120-The Weirdos

Day 119-Gardener

Day 118-Liar

Day 117-Freedom From Depression

Day 116-What a Couple! #weirdo

Day 115-Artist

Day 114-Don't Drink Coffee, I Take Tea My Dear

Day 113-Moving Into a New House #feelings

Day 112-Parenting #balance

Day 111-Author

Day 110-Make Your Own Music

Day 109-Oh Hey Australian Open, Welcome Back

Day 108-Overthinking

Day 107-Cinephile

Day 106-Traveler

Day 105-a Good First Date?

Day 104-Designer #abstract

Day 103-The One with All the Wedding Dresses #friends

Day 102-The Fall #movie

Day 101-Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov #CrimeandPunishment

Day 100-Cinema Paradiso

Day 99-Mental Power

Day 98-Art Museum #abstract

Day 97-Looking for Inspiration

Day 96-Modern Waiting Room

Day 95-Tourist

Day 94-Help!

Day 93-Break Up

Day 92-Reading Time

Day 91-Winter

Day 90-Summer

Day 89-Elephant

Day 88-Bird

Day 87-Japan

Day 86-Hug & Love

Day 85-London

Day 84-Deer

Day 83-Lovers

Day 82-Italy

Day 81-Anıtkabir/ the mausoleum of Ataturk #10kasım

Day 80-Istanbul/Turkey

Day 79-People On The Subway

Day 78-Cat

Day 77-Pool Time For Carrot

Day 76-Egg

Day 75-Turn Upside Down

Day 74-Happiness

Day 73-Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx-Egypt

Day 72-Christ Statue-Rio De Janeiro

Day 71-La Sagrada Familia-Barcelona

Day 70-Circle and Square: A Love Story

Day 69-Galata Tower-Istanbul

Day 68-Leaning Tower of Pisa-Italy

Day 67-Reading Time

Day 66-Windmill

Day 65-Nature

Day 64-A Lovely Night

Day 63-When Expectations Meet Reality! #piranha #cat

Day 62-Deliverance From Sins

Day 61-Don't Smoke

Day 60-Basket

Day 59-A Smelly Cat and Phoebe Buffay

Day 58-An Unexpected Error

Day 57-Landscape

Day 56-Workout for a fish

Day 55-The view of a kiss! #KissingScene

Day 54-Tree

Day 53-Gandalf and Frodo

Day 52-There Will Be Blood

Day 51-Before Sunrise

Day 50-Spirited Away

Day 49-Beetlejuice

Day 48-Phantom Thread #toxic #masterpiece

Day 47-Think Different

Day 46-Apartment

Day 45-Landscape

Day 44-The One With a Turkey #friends

Day 43-New House

Day 42-Monochromatic House

Day 41-Landscape

Day 40-Fly Me To The Moon #witch

Day 39-Cheers!

Day 38-Landscape

Day 37-Survivor

Day 36-Artist

Day 35-Bird

Day 34-Loneliness

Day 33-Silence

Day 32-Trees

Day 31-Sunglasses For Winter

Day 30-Supermarket

Day 29-Counting Stars

Day 28-Landscape

Day 27-Possibilities

Day 26-Possibility

Day 25-Camel

Day 24- Dark Castle

Day 23-Roger Federer won his 20th Grand Slam title. #thegreatest

Day 22-Forest

Day 21-Nature

Day 20-Margot And Richie Tenenbaum

Day 19-Good Morning

Day 18-Wine

Day 17-Cafe

Day 16-Landscape

Day 15-Brave New World

Day 14-Snow Globe

Day 13-Balcony

Day 12-One Face Different People

Day 11-Workaholic

Day 10-Deer And Sea

Day 9-La La Land

Day 8-Run For Your Life

Day 7-Silence Of Desert

Day 6-The Benefits Of Rain

Day 5-Roger Federer

Day 4-Landscape

Day 3-New Version Of Nature

Day 2-Rick Sanchez

Day 1-Maiden's Tower